Collection Item Unpublished

The results from unpublishing the collection item

Trigger Type



Each webhook payload will have a triggerType property to identify which event prompted the request, and a payload property to deliver the requested information.

idstringThe unique identifier of the collection item that was deleted
siteId stringThe unique identifier of the Site the Collection belongs to
workspaceIdstringThe unique identifier of the Workspace the related Site belongs to
collectionIdstringThe unique identifier of the Collection the deleted item belongs to


  "triggerType": "collection_item_unpublished",
  "payload": {
    "id": "647f35d49f499fe22e6dc173",
    "siteId": "63692ab61fb28552c22ba8e3",
    "workspaceId": "63499d0dd2f3b4e46108efa3",
    "collectionId": "63692ab61fb285e2ff2ba8f3"