What's a Webflow app?

Apps allow you to extend Webflow's capabilities by creating integrations and utilities for Webflow users. Apps utilize Webflow's APIs on behalf of the authorized user to programmatically access key Webflow features, including:

  • Sites
  • CMS
  • Memberships
  • eCommerce

Getting Started with Apps

If you'd like to start developing your own app, you can follow our getting started with apps guide. This guide will walk you through registering an app, setting up an app server, and launching a starter app that authorizes a user and makes a request to the API on behalf on an authorized user using an access_token.

Want to see all the Apps that Webflow has to offer? Take a look at our Marketplace, where you can install public Apps from our incredible community of developers.


Webflow Apps implement the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework, which grants an application access permissions to Webflow on behalf of an authorized user. The authorization process requires a client ID and a client secret, which you'll receive after registering an app in your workspace. Once authorization is granted, Webflow's authorization server issues an access token, which is used to make API calls on behalf the authorized user.

Apps in the Marketplace

The Marketplace is a hub of inspiration where Webflow users search for designs and solutions in the form of Templates, Libraries, and Apps.

As a Developer, you can publish your app to the Marketplace for Webflow users to discover and install. Once published, Webflow users can review the details of how an App will work on their site, and install an App directly to their Workspace or Site. Once installed, your App will be granted read, write, and update access on behalf of the authorized user.

All Marketplace apps are reviewed by Webflow to ensure they meet a consistent standard for our users. To list your App in the Marketplace, read through our app submission guidelines, and submit your App details to the Marketplace team.

Custom code embeds and other extensions

Currently, the Marketplace only supports Apps that authenticate via OAuth 2.0 and access Webflow through our APIs.

Webflow allows users to embed custom code into the head and body tags of their sites, which can provide incredible functionality and customization via external scripts. When used in combination with Webflow's APIs, developers can create rich experiences that both affect site behavior and manage actions on behalf of Webflow users. However, integrations that solely use the custom code embed functionality will not be included in the Marketplace at this time.

What’s Next

Alright, you've covered the App basics. Go forth and create your first App!