Data API

Live Content Management: The latest updates introduce specific endpoints for managing CMS items that are live on a site, ensuring a seamless distinction from content in staging or draft states.

Designer API

Bulk create Elements: Use webflow.elementBuilder when you need to deploy large or complex designs quickly. This method is especially valuable in scenarios where performance is critical, and the simplicity of the elements aligns with your design objectives.

Create and manage Assets: Easily create assets on your site and manage them with new API endpoints. Retrieve assets by ID and access asset URLs directly to streamline your digital asset management.

Deepen CMS integration: New endpoints allow you to fetch the collection ID and name for pages generated by CMS collections, facilitating a more integrated and automated approach to managing your CMS content.

Data API

What's New

CMS Items

Get live CMS item

List live CMS items

Create Collection Item (Live)

Update Collection Item (Live)

Delete Collection Item (Live)

Designer API

What's New


Create a root element for a new element structure


Create an asset on a site.

Get Asset by its ID

Get Asset's URL


Get collection ID of a page generated by a CMS collection

Get collection name of a page generated by a CMS collection