Listing your App

In the Marketplace, your app will stand alongside others where users can easily search and filter by category, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their needs. This guide will outline the Marketing Collateral you can include on the Marketplace to make your App stand out.

App listing

  1. Name: Keep it succinct. The character limit is 20.
  2. Logo: Ensure it fits neatly within a 512x512 square with a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  3. Short Description: Articulate your app's core function and its unique benefits to users. Aim for 100 characters or less.

App detail page

The App Detail Page is where potential users get an intimate look at your app's capabilities. It's a pivotal space that can sway their decision. To make the most of it be sure to highlight your App’s features, and engage with visuals using the elements listed below:

  • App Name: Think of it as your app's first impression. Keep it snappy and to the point, with a max of 20 characters.
  • App Logo: Aim for a neat fit within a 512x512 square with a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Short Description: In a nutshell, what's your app all about? Highlight its magic in under 100 characters.
  • Publisher Logo: Proud of your brand? Flaunt it with a logo. This logo is quite small at X SIZE, please ensure that your published logo is recognizable at this size. Please note, that this logo is inherited from the logo of the Workspace where your App is published. To change your publisher logo, please change the Workspace logo.
  • Publisher Name: Here's another chance to spotlight your brand. Please note, that this name is inherited from the name of the Workspace where your App is published. To change your publisher name, please change the name of the originating Workspace.
  • Screenshots: Show, don't just tell! Capture the essence of your app with vivid screenshots or marketing snaps. Highlight the cool bits and the "wow" moments. A minimum of 4 screenshots is the charm, each sized at 1280px by 846px.
  • Long Description: Delve into your app's capabilities here. Highlight its key benefits for users. You're allotted 10,000 characters, and Markdown is supported.
  • Feature List: Showcase up to five prime features in bullet points. Crafted for swift scanning, it aids users in quickly discerning your app's value.
  • Subcategories: During your app's submission, select from a curated list of subcategories. This enhances searchability and fine-tunes user filtering.